Advance Placement (AP)

The EHS Advanced Placement Pathway
The Advanced Placement Pathway is recommended for high achieving students who are planning to attend a four-year university or the Honors Program at College of the Redwoods upon graduating from Eureka High. Advanced Placement classes offer college bound students the opportunity to take college level course work on a high school campus. On completion of the Advanced Placement courses of their choice, students will take College Board Advanced Placement Exams in May. If these students pass their exams in each of the Advanced Placement subjects, college credit may be awarded depending on the institution you attend. We currently offer Advanced Placement classes in Biology, Calculus, English, Government, United States History, World History, Spanish, Statistics and Music Theory.

Finally, EHS AP Pathway students traditionally distinguished themselves by successfully passing the AP National Exams.

The AP Pathway requires students to meet A-G requirements.