The EHS Agriculture Pathway
This path opens the door to a wide variety of career possibilities. Agriculture has the widest variety of research and development opportunities for a young person today. Agriculture is not only the growing of food and fiber but is searching for new and better ways to use the environment while preserving its quality.

From Biology to Environmental Science and Mechanical Engineering the potential for career opportunity is endless. With the background provided within the agri-science pathway students will have jump started their way to the future.

The Agriculture Pathway requires students to meet A-G requirements.
 Required CoursesSenior Project Awards and Opportunities 
Agriculture Mechanics Pathway-
  • ​Course 1- Ag Mechanics
  • Course 2- Ag Welding I and/or Ag Welding II
  • Course 3- Ag Leadership

Agri-Science Pathway-
  • Course 1- Sustainable Agriculture Biology
  • Course 2- Ag Earth Science and/or Agriculture Soil Chemistry
  • Course 3- Advanced Agriscience 
  • Course 4- Agriculture Leadership
  •  Must contribute to the sustainability of the Agriculture Department
  • Approved by an Ag instructor
  • If completed by an individual: 15 hours of work MUST be verified by instructor
  • If two or more individuals: 20 hours verified by instructor
  • Written documentation of each hour completed by each person.
  • Must be documented in SAE Record Book in Community Service Section
  • If dollars are required to complete the project the responsibility falls on the student
  • Receive a Blue FFA sash to wear at graduation
  • Recognition of Agriculture Pathway completion on student transcript.
  • Gold Cord  distinguishing students at graduation.
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Have a head start on their chosen career choice