Information Technology

The EHS Information Technology Pathway

The Information Technology (IT) Career Pathway at EHS challenges students to demonstrate excellence in their knowledge of coding, application use, and/or software development. While at EHS, IT Pathway students will be required to complete at least two of the computer science offerings in this department, complete a senior project, and successfully complete at least one other elective from this pathway. Students may complete CIS 18, Object-Oriented Programming-Java, through the College of the Redwoods, in lieu of the third elective. Students may complete CIS 12, Programming Fundamentals or CIS 18, Object-Oriented Programming-Java, through the College of the Redwoods, as the two required courses or in lieu of the third elective.

EHS IT Pathway students have distinguished themselves earning credit by exam for CIS 12, Programming Fundamentals through the College of the Redwoods articulation with Introduction to Computer Programming. IT students are also encouraged to complete Advanced Studies coursework in topics such as 3D modeling with Blender, advanced coding with C++, Java, or Python (high-level computer science languages), and Responsive Web Design techniques.

The Senior Project provides students an opportunity to demonstrate mastery in one of three concentration areas: Information Support and Services, 2) Media Support and Services 3) Programming and Systems Development. Students are encouraged to pursue innovative IT projects, subject to Pathway instructors’ approval. Projects may be as varied as scripting and producing a video for competitive entry; developing an app; designing, building and programming robots for practical application and/or competition; designing and building a website and all associated social media for a client; or designing and implementing a technical document portfolio for a client.  Students working individually must record a minimum of 15 hours of work; students working in teams must record a minimum of 25 hours of work, subject to instructor verification.

The Business and Information Technology Pathway requires students to meet A-G requirements.