The EHS Science Pathway

The Science Department Pathway at EHS challenges students to demonstrate excellence in their knowledge of scientific content and research. While at EHS, Science Pathway students will be required to successfully complete a minimum of four science classes, compete in the Humboldt County Science Fair or participate as a member of the Science Bowl Team, complete a senior project, and attend at least four science related workshops or seminars an document their participation.

EHS Science Pathway students will distinguish themselves as competitors at Humboldt County Science Fair or the Science Bowl Team, as well as California State Science Fair. 

The Senior Project provides students an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of scientific research and laboratory investigation, health related topics, or environmental issues. Senior projects could include: Blood Drive Planning/Organization, Youth Relay for Life, Livestrong Day, Beach Clean-ups, Elementary Education on a Science or Health-Related Topic, or Campus-Wide Recycling.

The Science Department Pathway requires students to meet A-G requirements.

Required Courses

Students must complete a minimum of 4 classes from the following menu:
  • Biology CP, 
  • GeoScience CP, Chemistry, 
  • Chemistry Honors, 
  • Physics, 
  • Astronomy,
  •  Marine Biology, 
  • Anatomy / Physiology,
  • Advanced Placement Biology, 
  • Advanced Placement 
  • Environmental Science
  • Bio/Community Health
                       Senior Project

Students will produce a Senior Project highlighting a scientific, health, or environmental issue. Projects will demonstrate a mastery of scientific methods and documentation. Science students will be members of the Science Bowl team and/or the Marine Bio Club.

All Science Pathway students are required to compete in Humboldt County Science Fair or the Science Bowl Team at least once while at EHS. Students are also required to attend at least four science related workshops or seminars and document their participation. 
             Awards and Opportunities
  • Recognition of Science Pathway completion on student transcript.
  • Turquoise Cord distinguishing students at graduation. 
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Participation in Humboldt County 
  • Science Fair
  • Participation in Regional Science 
  • Bowl