Service Learning

The EHS Service Learning Pathway

The Service Learning Pathway at Eureka High School will reward students that complete a total of 200 hours or more of community service and complete a Senior Project or Service Internship. The Service Learning hours must be accumulated during non-school hours (M-F 8:20-3:22), and may be for school activities/assemblies, Youth Ambassadorships, community groups (4-H, Girl/Boy Scouts, etc), or church groups for example. 

The culminating event will be the Senior Project, where students will design and implement a complex service learning project. A senior project must be completed to receive the honors of a Service Learning Pathway.

For information please contact:  Jamie Bush, EAST Lab Facilitator, at or 441-2508

 Required CoursesSenior Project Awards and Opportunities 
  1. Students will complete 200+ hours of community service OR complete 4 semesters of the EAST elective with a grade of B or higher.
  2. Service Learning Pathway students may choose to take 1 or more semesters of the EHS EAST elective, and use the class period to work on his/her senior project.
  3. Fill out the Service Learning Record form to Counseling Office before end of each quarter. Hours will not be accepted after the end of each quarter:
  •  Fill out the form completely with dates of service, 
  •  Fill in the correct and full name of the service site or organized activity (i.e. the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop or California Coastal Cleanup)
  • Fill in the hours of service 
  • List  itemized tasks, for example: organize the store front/displays, run the cash register, customer service, tutoring math and language arts, pick up garbage and recyclables, remove invasive species from watershed, walk and feed shelter animals.
  • Students will complete 200+ hours of community service OR complete 4 semesters of the EAST elective with a grade of B or higher.
  • Students will organize and execute a complex service learning project where they are in a leadership role with substantial responsibility. The project will need to receive prior approval from the EHS Service Learning Coordinator, Jamie Bush.
  • Individual senior project-based service will only be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Examples are:
    • Youth Ambassador
    • Organize the EHS Honors Assembly and Senior's College map
    • Internship with the Humboldt County Blood Bank
    • Volunteer at St. Vincent De Paul weekend lunch program
    • Organize the Fall and Spring EHS Blood Drives
    • Organize the Humboldt County Autism Walk held at EHS
    • Organize the Humboldt County MS Walk held at EHS
    • Internship with Humboldt County History Day competition
    • Volunteer as a Candy Striper at a local area hospital
    • Internship with Non-profit Agencies and Not-for-Profit Entities
    • Internship with Educational Institutions – other than Eureka High School
    • Internship with Government Entities, political campaigns, political parties, voter registration
    • Internship with Parks and recreation and community recreation programs
    • Internship with Nursing homes – working with clients
  • NOT allowed -- Volunteering for friends, family or neighbors at homes, homesteads, ranches or person properties.
  • Students may not receive any pay for their work. Volunteer service work may not supplant an employee work position. Child Labor Laws apply.
  • Recognition of the Service Learning Pathway completion on student transcript.
  • Purple Cord  distinguishing students at graduation.
  • Certificate of Completion
*In addition, all students who donated blood at least 3 times during high school will be distinguished by a Red Cord at graduation.